Meet Keith

Keith, his wife Christina and their 2 children.

Keith, his wife Christina and their 2 children.


Keith’s childhood story is common among residents in the Hilltop as well as South and Central Tacoma. During his early years, Keith’s family lived in public housing but they were also homeless at times while his mother struggled with addiction. “Those days were hard but they shape my advocacy for the people of District 3,” Keith says.

Seeking a fresh start, he moved to Tacoma and was diagnosed as legally blind soon after. Determined to succeed in school, he used visual aids to study and worked part-time jobs while attending Tacoma Community College, and later graduated from the University of Puget Sound.

Since moving to Tacoma, Keith has been passionate about connecting people to the tools they need to succeed. His work has included the Tacoma Urban League, where he harnessed the energy of young people and encouraged them to invest in their communities; and MDC, where he helped veterans, individuals with disabilities, and first-generation college students find resources to attend college. Keith’s devotion to community has earned him the Dennis Seinfeld Emerging Leadership Award from City Club, and the Business Masters Exchange Club of Pierce County Golden Deeds Award. He is also a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum.

In 2012, he met and later married the love of his life, Christina. Together, they build community through their work at Archway Consulting Group.  

In his first term on the City Council, Keith has been a leader in efforts to address homelessness, worked to strengthen tenant protections, and supported budget proposals to hire more police officers and fire fighters. Over the past three years, Keith made sure many of the residential streets in his council district have been repaired; and was a leading advocate for establishing an immigrant legal defense fund. 

Keith will continue to work hard to improve the quality of life for all of the residents of District 3, and will continue Working For You.